introduction to JokeyRhy.me

Welcome to my blog-about-building-a-blog!

Looks like I finally got this up and running to the point where I can actually submit content!

So, this is just a personal project to build a site with blog functionality using some technology that is still fairly new to me. This is supposed to be a learning experience, and I figured I’d share what I discover along the way.

Here’s a brief overview of the technology in play…


If you haven’t heard of this by now, Node.JS provides a structured (and increasingly popular) approach to executing JavaScript outside of the browser. This means that we can actually write entire applications using JavaScript now.

I find Node.JS is also pretty useful for writing sophisticated command-line scripts, especially as I tend to be more comfortable with JavaScript than I am with shell scripts.

I picked Node.JS as I enjoy JavaScript and like the idea of using the same language for both the front-end UI and the back-end server behaviour.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database solution. I’ll cover this in more depth in later posts, but I selected this primarily because it uses JSON for its query language. I started this project with very little practical experience with MongoDB.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon offer an excellent cloud services solution. They have warehouses all over the place (although not in Australia yet), very competitive pricing, and powerful APIs and tools for managing their services.

My employer is currently using AWS for our application, and it has certainly proved to be quite seductive. Amazon provide so much useful and robust functionality that it’s hard to find equivalent alternatives. Their competitors tend to have fewer locations, higher pricing or less flexible provisioning.

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